If you want to learn to program, you need to write (a lot of) code.

At CodeCombat, our job is to make sure you're doing that with a smile on your face.

Our mission: make programming accessible to every student on Earth.

Programming is magic. It's the ability to create things from pure imagination. We started CodeCombat to give learners the feeling of wizardly power at their fingertips by using typed code.

As it turns out, that enables them to learn faster too. WAY faster. It's like having a conversation instead of reading a manual. We want to bring that conversation to every school and to every student, because everyone should have the chance to learn the magic of programming.

Meet the CodeCombat team

We value open and respectful dialog, where the best idea wins. Our decisions are grounded in customer research and our process is focused on delivering tangible results for them. Everyone is hands-on, from our CEO to our GitHub contributors, because we value growth and learning in our team.

  • Nick Winter
    Cofounder, CEO
  • Valentin Bryukhanov
    Senior Gameplay Developer
  • Sean McNulty
    Inside Sales Manager
  • Liz Coluni
    Inside Sales Manager
  • Jane Park
    Product Manager
  • Rob Arevalo
    Account Executive
  • Lawrence Kotovets
    Customer Success Manager
  • Stephanie Rockett
    Customer Support Specialist
  • Andrew Jakubowicz
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Brian Freyermuth
    Senior Game Design Manager
  • Bobby Lockhart
    Game Designer
  • Claire Armstrong
    Executive Assistant / Operations Manager
  • Chelsea Johnson
    Senior Operations Manager
  • Daniela Lao
    Marketing Manager
  • Shasha Du
    Product and Visual Designer
  • Bill Wang
    General Manager, CodeCombat Greater China
  • Shan Liu
    Head of Marketing, CodeCombat Greater China
  • Run Chen
    Head of Operations, CodeCombat Greater China
  • Matias Forbord
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Ryan Bousquet
    Customer Support Specialist
  • Jonathan Timmmons
    Director of Inside Sales
  • Yuqiang Tong
    Head of Innovation, CodeCombat Greater China
  • Zhiran Chen
    Head of Curriculum, CodeCombat Greater China
  • Lance Wu
    Head of Technology, CodeCombat Greater China
  • Liz Bush
    Sales Development Representative
  • Emilia Pasquetti
    Senior Account Executive
  • Becky Haghighi
    Senior Account Executive

...and our open-source community

Over 500 contributors have helped build CodeCombat, with more joining every week!

CodeCombat is acommunity project,with hundreds of players volunteering to create levels, contribute to our code to add features, fix bugs, playtest, and even translate the game into 50 languages so far. Employees, contributors and the site gain by sharing ideas and pooling effort, as does the open source community in general. The site is built on numerous open source projects, and we are open sourced to give back to the community and provide code-curious players a familiar project to explore and experiment with. Anyone can join the CodeCombat community! Check out ourcontribute pagefor more info.

Over 450 contributors have lent their support and time to this project.

Our story so far

Since 2013, CodeCombat has grown from a mere set of sketches to a living, thriving game.

total players

have started their programming journey through CodeCombat

We’ve been translated into over 50 languages — our players hail from

190+ countries

Together, they have written
1 billion lines of code and counting

across many different programming languages

Though we've come a long way...
Nick's very first sketch depicting a programming game in action.

we still have much to do before we complete our quest, so...

Come work with us and help write CodeCombat history!

Employee Benefits
  • 10-year option exercise window
  • Medical (gold), dental, vision, commuter, 401K
  • Maternity leave: 12 weeks paid, next 6 @ 55% salary
  • Paternity leave: 12 weeks paid
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Professional development and continuing education support – free books and games!
Software Engineer
Remote • Full-time

CodeCombat is looking for a Software Engineer to join our game-based education startup. We want to hear from you!

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Lead Artist
Remote • Part-time

Help build amazing new game-based learning experiences for students around the world!

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Online Coding Instructor
Remote • Part-time/Contractor

CodeCombat is searching for coding instructors to teach CodeCombat Online Classes to our at-home learners.

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